MSNBC’s ‘Counter-Terrorism’ Analyst Calls for TERROR STRIKE on Trump…

If you needed another reason to never listen to anything MSNBC said again, look no further.

Introducing their “counter-terrorism analyst” Malcolm Nance.

If you know who this guy is already, then you understand his disgust for Trump.

If you don’t, here is just a sample of what he’s said in the past.

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But he wasn’t done there.

In responding to a tweet about the Trump tower in Istanbul, he called on the Islamic State to bomb the building.

“This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

He has since deleted the tweet.

He has not apologized for it.

Despite being a counter-terrorism expert, Nance also has a history of denying terrorist acts’ connection to Islamism, describing the terrorist responsible for the bulldozing of civilians with a truck in Nice as “mentally unstable,” Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen as suffering from a “physchosexual problem,” and the San Bernadino mass shootings as “a hybrid act of terrorism/workplace violence.”

Nance’s comments also come at a time of a rising Islamist terror threat in Turkey, as the country’s President Recep Erdoğan turns the country into a religious state. In 2016 alone, the country was the target of dozens of terror attacks, ranging from car bombs to nightclub shootings.


For someone who makes a living by analyzing terrorism and trying to combat it, he really seems okay promoting it. It’s just sad.


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