MUCKED UP: UK Doctors Who Joined ISIS Expected to Return and Work for this Government Program

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.48.46 AMThey should be prosecuted and treated as the traitors they are. Hell, they shouldn’t even be allowed back in the country.

This is the very apotheosis of willful ignorance. “A British Home Office source said the students would not automatically face prosecution if they returned to Britain under anti-terror legislation, so long as they could prove they have not been fighting.” As if those who went over to join the Islamic State and provide medical services have no belief system, no ideology, that could possibly render them disloyal to Britain. Imagine if a group of British doctors had gone to Germany in 1942 — not to join the Nazis, but just to help out in hospitals. Would they have been welcomed back with such alacrity? Of course not, because in those days the British understood what it meant to be at war, and what it meant to give aid and comfort to the enemy.

“ISIS terror doctors recruited from UK will return to work in NHS,” by Oli Smith, Express, January 4, 2016:

BRITISH doctors who are currently helping save the lives of ISIS terrorists injured by allied bombings are expected to return to the UK and work in the NHS.

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The numbers of UK-born medics being recruited to vile jihadi cause is so worrying that British officials have been sent to Sudan in a desperate attempt to stop the flow.

The Foreign Office understands that the Islamic State – also known as Daesh – are urgently seeking more foreign medics to help at its hospitals in Syria.

ISIS have already persuaded doctors from Australia, Russia and nearly 20 from Britain to join their makeshift health ministry.

British officials are now coordinating efforts to prevent more Britons from joining the terrorist health service by sending a delegation to Sudan.

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