MURDER MYSTERY: Family of Three Found Dead in their Home by the Landlord

article-2520463-19F7B13000000578-764_634x328A family of three – including a 10-year-old girl – have been killed in their home at an upscale Florida gated community and police say their bodies decomposed for up to three weeks before anyone found them.

Marcio Ferraz do Amaral, 45, his wife Cledione, 34, and their young daughter were only discovered Saturday when their landlord sent someone to check on them at their house on Lake Nona near Orlando because they were behind on rent.

The property manager who knocked on the door of the Ferraz do Amaral home was greeted with a horrible odor of rotting flesh. Deputies broke down the door and found the family dead in the garage – all the bodies were partially decomposed.

Now detectives are scrambling to determine how the family died. There was no sign of forced entry into the house. There appears to be no sign of trauma on any of the bodies. 

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Police are investigating the possibility that the family died in a murder-suicide plot.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the Ferraz do Amarals appeared to be a normal, happy family. Marcio was a pilot for a Brazilian airline. Cledione worked part time at Disney. They had been living the home in the exclusive Eagle Creek subdivision for five years.

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