MURDERED DEPUTY’S SON: Wore Captain America Shirt to Funeral and the Reason Why is Heartbreaking

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 4.58.12 PMThese senseless murders need to stop.

Fallen Texas Deputy Darren Goforth was laid to rest today.

Most of the attention has been focused on how horrific Black Lives Matter rhetoric may have inspired his murder.

However, there’s something beautiful and sweet that came out of this tragedy that has the whole Internet talking today.

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Goforth’s son was wearing a Captain America shirt at the funeral, and the reason why will bring a tear to your eye.

It did me.

Blogger Michael Cantrell wrote a powerful message to this brave young man:

This precious young man had his father stolen from him by an ignorant, hate-filled, evil individual, and as a result will miss out on the joy of growing up with a strong male leader in his life.

I could spend the rest of this article unleashing my own anger, rage, and fury on the despicable human filth responsible for this, or I could take the rest of this piece and dedicate it to the honor of this brave little boy and his father who spent his life protecting the community they called home.

To the little Captain America, I say this:

While there are people in this world who are evil and wicked, who didn’t appreciate the sacrifice your dad made on a daily basis to go out and protect innocent people from harm, just know there are far more of us out there who do support your dad’s work and legacy.

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