Murderer On the Loose: Notorious Murderer Timothy Spytma Sentenced to Life in Prison to be Released this Month

Screenshot 2014-07-07 at 10.30.35 AMEditor’s Note: Some people gave up their right to live with general public. Judges don’t give out life sentences to just anyone, so maybe those criminals should stay in prison (especially the ones straight out of A Clockwork Orange).

A 54-year-old inmate in prison since he was a teenager for being an accomplice to one of the most disturbing murders in Michigan history has been freed from his life sentence for parole.

Timothy Spytma will be released July 18 and subject to a four-year parole. His accomplice Michael Saxton was released on parole in 1986.

The two men were convicted in the vicious beating, rape and murder of 42-year-old neighbor Phyllis Doctor on December 16, 1974. Both were high on drugs during the frenzied attack and ransacking of her home.

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Both broke into the woman’s home at Spytma’s urging, according to the Kalmazoo Gazette. They originally planned only to rob her, but things took a violent turn when she came home early.

Spytma grabbed and hit doctor as many as five times on the back of her head with the handle of a closed pocket knife until she was knocked out, authorities said.

The duo then blindfolded the unconscious woman and brought her to a bedroom where Saxton raped her before smashing her skull with a baseball bat and a bottle, according to the prosecutor.

Both men wrote on her nude body and Spytma slashed her wrists with that same pocket knife before they pilfered televisions, rifles, a stereo and other valuables into her car and sped off, officials said.

Her body was discovered by her then-17-year-old son after he came home from school, according to the paper.

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