Muslim Chick in America PRAISES Terror at Church — Should We DEPORT Her?

Boy, oh boy. Where to begin with this one?

A New York-based Muslim woman has posted several videos of the ISIS attack in Egypt — in SUPPORT of ISIS!

And this isn’t some random woman with a couple hundred friends. That would be bad enough.

Nope, Muslim Activist Ayat Oraby has over 1 MILLION Facebook followers.

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This is a big impact. She is openly supporting terrorism and over a million people are seeing it.

100 Percent Fed Up has more:

In a video posted on her Facebook page on September 21, New York-based Egyptian-American activist Ayat Oraby called the Coptic church “a gang, striving to establish a Coptic mini-state,” and “a full-fledged mafia,” and described Pope Tawadros as “a criminal.” Oraby called upon Muslims to participate in an economic boycott of Copts, saying that: “They must be made to understand that the crescent must be on top of the cross.”

She also posted a second video.

This video is from the bombing in Egypt is a different angle.

She claims in her Facebook post that this is all fake and made up by the Christians.


We don’t tolerate terrorism here.

Trump has made that very clear.

Time to DEPORT her!


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