Muslim Father Commits “HONOR RAPE” — Who His Victim Is Will Leave You SHOCKED!

It’s not unheard of for fathers to be suspicious of the boys their daughters bring home.

They just want to protect their children.

This, on the other hand, was not about protecting a daughter. This was torture of the sickest caliber.

A Danish 54-year-old man and his 29-year-old son lured the boyfriend of the man’s daughter into a car, drove him to a garage, and raped him for two hours.

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The man and his son were sentenced to five years in prison for kidnapping and for the “honor raping.”

10 News and Arhus Stiftstidende reported:

Family problems within the islamic-cultural circle undoubtedly are in their own league.

The 22 year old boyfriend was asked to meet with his girlfriend’s brother.

At the meeting the boyfriend was asked to get into a car where he was sprayed with pepper spray and driven to a garage in nearby Tilst.

Here the girl’s father was waiting with a gun.

The 22 year old was tied up, had his clothes removed, doused in gasoline while being threatened to be burned to dead.

The father also pointed the gun several times to the 22 year old’s head and pulled the trigger in a faked execution.

The father also raped the young man several times.

The torture lasted for two hours and describe as “honor” related.

The father and brother has been senteced to five years in prison.

Only monsters would do such a thing. Sadly, it is more common that people would like to admit.


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