Muslim Father of Soldier & Trump Hater Wants ‘OUT OF CONTROVERSY’–Then Immediately Does This…

If the father wanted to be out of the spotlight so much, don’t you think he would start rejecting the media’s phone calls? Mr. Khan, your words do not match your actions.

Khizr Khan, the father of fallen Muslim-American soldier Captain Humayun Khan said on Monday after criticizing Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention and in multiple television interviews since then that he wants to be “out of this controversy.”

In yet another television appearance on CNN, this time on “New Day,” prior to espousing his desire to get out of the spotlight, Khan doubled down on his critical comments of Trump claiming the Republican nominee was ignorant and arrogant.

Since his speech at the DNC last Thursday, Khan, along with his wife Ghazala have appeared on multiple TV networks including ABC, MSNBC, and CNN. The Trump campaign has directly responded to Mr. Khan’s comments on Twitter, in television interviews, and through statements.

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In the Khans’ latest television interview, host John Berman said that Trump’s supporters would argue that “since you have exercised your First Amendment rights, you’re now fair game. It is now fair game for Donald Trump to talk about you and his supporters to talk about you. You spoke at the Democratic Convention, which is a political platform.”

Khan replied, “Well, they have been exercising their rights so there is nothing new to that.”


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