MUSLIM MAN DIDN’T LIKE HEARING ‘NO’: From His ‘Special’ Friend, So He did This to Her Instead

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.15.58 AMCases like these are not uncommon. When will feminists stop fighting for Islam? It is not a ‘female friendly’ religion.

A woman who was doused in petrol for turning down the advances of a former friend has bared her scars to talk about her ordeal.

Dovile Krivickaite, 25, suffered severe burns to 24 per cent of her body after the horrific attack at the hands of Mohammed Kosar that took place in Forest Gate, east London on October 19, 2013.

Reliving the incident, which saw her become a human fireball, Dovile vowed that she would not allow her injuries to define her.

Speaking out about the traumatic assault, Doville said: ‘There was no way I could stop it. The flames spread quickly and engulfed my whole body. I saw the skin on my hands peeling off before my eyes.

‘I remember screaming out and just wishing that I would die just so the pain would end.’

She continued: ‘I could smell burning flesh as the flames ate through my layers of clothes.’

Dovile, whose name means hope in her native Lithuanian, moved to London in 2012 and met Mohammed Kosar, originally from Somalia, soon after.

But a year later he made an unwanted move on her and she gently spurned his advances which eventually resulted in the callous attack.

Dovile, who had a boyfriend at the time, told Mohammed that she saw him as just a friend and explained how he appeared to understand where she was coming from.

She said: ‘When I initially turned him down he laughed it off. He seemed to take it well.

‘Then he asked me several more times after that. Each time I told him firmly ‘no’.

‘I just didn’t fancy him and couldn’t imagine us being together in that way.’

Believing their friendship was in a good place, on October 19, 2013, Dovile agreed to be picked up by Mohammed from a street in Forest Gate, east London, before heading to a pub with friends.

Explaining how Kosar went about the appalling attack, Dovile said: ‘We had barely started driving when the car slowly ground to a halt in a quiet residential area as if it had run out of fuel.

‘Mohammed turned to me and said, “Let’s go outside and have a word”.’

Picking up the five litre can of petrol by his feet, Mohammed refuelled the car and led Dovile down an alleyway – with the can still in his hand.

She continued: ‘Before I had time to think he was emptying the petrol over me and it splattered down the left side of my body.

‘”What are you doing?” I shouted at him in confusion. He didn’t answer. The next thing I heard was the click of a lighter.’

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