Muslim Man Says Something ALL Non-Muslims Fear, ‘It is a religion of…’

There are just some things you don’t do.

If you have a basketball, you don’t run off and play football with it.

If you have a broken arm, you don’t just grind your teeth together and live with the pain.

And if you have an ISIS fanatic who emailed the Prime Minister’s office threatening to “wage jihad,” you don’t give him a job as a security guard!

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Over the past couple of years, Shamim Ahmed, 24, has openly supported Islamic extremism, even going as far as buying camo and an ISIS flag, as well as dreaming about living under Sharia Law.

Ahmed grew up in East London. So, he must be one of those good law-abiding Western Muslims, right?

Don’t count on it.

This is a man that has stated he only recognizes Sharia law.

Back in July 2014, he emailed the Prime Minister’s office. The title of the email: “terrorist Israel.”

The message: “Something needs to be done to stop Israel or we Muslims will get our revenge. We will wage jihad and slaughter every Israeli and their allies.”

Not the picture of a compassionate person…

Yet, a month later, he had a job working as a security guard on London’s Crossrail project through a security firm.

Let’s take a moment to applaud the brilliance of the people who hired him. No? Why ever not…

He didn’t stop there, though! He sent further emails to the Australian government, Ofsted and a Sun journalist (guy got around!). He warned: “May the British child burning soldiers burn in hell… cowards piss on their graves.”


Oh, but we are just getting started.

Following the massacre of twelve people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7, 2015, Ahmed threatened to blow up a book shop that sold the “anti-Muslim” magazine.

He sent death threats to the staff at The French Bookshop in South Kensington; the subheading read, “Protect your neck while you are still alive.”

Does that sound like a moderate Muslim to you?

He warned the bookstore there would be “major retaliation” if they continued to stock the magazine.

He followed up by calling the store, twice, to tell the owner, “I’m going to come and stab you, I’m going to come right away and blow up the shop: I’m not afraid of the police, I’m a Muslim.”

During the court proceedings, Ahmed wagged his finger at Judge John Bevan QC, warning him, “Give me 20 years, I will come out the enemy.”

He admitted to charges of sending malicious communications in November 2015.

You would think someone who was pro-ISIS, someone who made death threats against business owners and employees would have a harsh sentence. But that’s not what happened.

He was given a 20-week suspended sentence, ordered to perform 300 hours of unpaid work, and pay £1680 in fines and costs.

That was it.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that just two months later in January of 2016, Ahmed was caught on the Syrian border trying to cross into ISIS-controlled territory. He made it to Turkey but was returned to the UK when officials detained him at the Syrian border.

Sure, let’s bring in more people like him…

After admitting to engaging in conduct in preparation of a terrorist act on January 16th, Ahmed was arrested.

At his sentencing hearing on Wednesday he began wagging his finger and mumbling “kuffar'”as he was sentenced before telling a dock officer: “Move the f–k out of my face. I’m going to punch you in the face.”

Ahmed was sent back to the cells after shouting: “Wage jihad wherever we are… Target the civilians, tourist sites, tourist sites, inshallah [God willing].”

Judge John Bevan QC said: “The defendant originally refused to have anything to do with the court process.

“This afternoon I would have hoped he would have been on his best behaviour, he wasn’t, and I have asked for him to be removed and will continue in his absence.”

Ahmed, previously of Shadwell, east London, was later jailed for six years in absence.

Opening the case against terrorist Shamim Ahmed, prosecutor Mark Weekes said: “The case against the defendant is that in early January 2016 he travelled out to Turkey from the UK, and it’s quite plain from the facts his ultimate destination from where he was turned back was Syria, with the intention of fighting for Islamic State.”

The Telegraph

Now the question remains, why wasn’t he charged earlier?

It’s not like they didn’t have any warning signs that he was a threat.

Did political correctness overrule common sense? It seems that way.

Weekes said even back when he was sending threatening emails, he was “also sending links to videos that appeared to be supportive of the Islamic State group to contacts in his WhatsApp group.”

After Ahmed’s arrest, a probation officer told him that Islam was a “peaceful and respectful” religion.

The Muslim had a different outlook on his religion. “No. It is a religion of war.”

I never thought I’d agree with a terrorist.

After jailing him, Judge Bevan said:

“He doesn’t approve of democracy, he doesn’t approve of women, and he says democracy is evil and no good. So his radicalisation is long-term, if not particularly sophisticated. He lied his head off to the probation service and police.

“His views show no sign of calming down, he’s a long-term follower of jihad.”

Ahmed was labeled an “offender of particular concern” and must serve one year on license when he is released. He must abide by a notification order for fifteen years.

But when has a law ever stopped a terrorist?


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