Mystery Unravels Slowly: Malaysian Airlines Releases that Flight 370 was Carrying Flammable Lithium-Ion Batteries as Cargo

Malaysia-airlinesMalaysia Airlines has now confirmed that Flight 370 was carrying lithium-ion batteries in its cargo hold, the Daily Mail reports. This new fact could bolster the theory that the plane was brought down by a fire rather than a hijacking or other malfeasance.

It has now been more than two weeks since Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared. No confirmed trace of the plane has been found, and investigators still appear to be mystified about what happened.

The two prevailing theories are that the plane was commandeered by the pilots or hijackers or suffered a fire or other mechanical problem.

Both theories fit some but not all of the supposed facts that have been released thus far. The fire theory, for example, is undermined by the lack of any apparent distress call. And no motive has been unearthed that might explain the hijacking/commandeering theory, especially given the likelihood that the plane then later crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

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On Friday, Malaysia Airlines CEO released some new information that could bolster the fire theory. Four days after denying that the plane had carried any hazardous materials, the CEO admitted that it was carrying a shipment of lithium-ion batteries in its cargo hold.

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