NAKED AND CHAINED TO A TREE: Father Stripped and Whipped his Son in Public for Skipping School

article-0-1A153F4300000578-48_634x546Covered in bruises, his skin red and smarting, this  sobbing eight-year-old has just been stripped to his underwear, tied to a tree and beaten by his father.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, many in the sizeable crowd that gathered around applauded as the father lashed him with a stick. 

The boy from Nanchong in Sichuan province, south-west China, skipped classes after receiving the equivalent of £10 from his father.

He had also reportedly failed to return on time earlier in the week. After driving around the city in search of his son, the father caught him near a market and exacted his punishment.

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The picture taker, Lin Gang, said that the temperature was only 5C when the all but naked child was tied to the tree and beaten.

Corporal punishment of the kind meted out to the Nanchong boy is lawful in China, although there are legal provisions to prevent excessive child abuse.

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