In The Name Of Love? Pregnant Teen’s Boyfriend Stabs Her Mother to Death

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.09.13 AMEditor’s Note: Two teens kill a woman with a knife. Where are all the cries for knife control?

The pregnant teen daughter of a flight attendant found stabbed to death and taped at the limbs in the body of her trunk has been charged with murder.

Alyssa Barrett, 17, faces counts of murder and burglary in her mother’s death. She was charged only days after her 18-year-old boyfriend Damarius Wren was also charged with murder, according to WMAQ.

He was arrested after Indiana police found a GPS system pinpointing where DeCarol Deloney-Cain’s body was dumped.

The 54-year-old flight attendant’s body had to be identified through the serial number in her breast implants.

When police searched the victim’s home they found traces of blood, stains, and red duct tape similar to that used to bound the hands and feet of Deloney-Cain.

Police were allegedly contacted by the victim’s teenage daughter, who said she had found a bloody wrench in the basement bedroom of her home.

A GPS system was also found in the home, which police reports said showed directions to where the woman’s body had been left in Gary.

When police questioned Wren he allegedly gave two differing accounts of how he found the body of his girlfriend’s mother.

The victim’s daughter, who has not been identified, later claimed that Wren had attacked her mother when she returned home on July 3.

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