NANCY PELOSI FUMBLES AGAIN: Now Her Party Is Kicking Her Out?

How out of touch is Nancy Pelosi? Well, if the last few months have told us anything, she’s still back in the 2000’s.

For the second time, she has mistaken President Trump for former President Bush!

Check out the first time here:

Nancy Pelosi is Still Blaming Bush?

This time around, she was in an interview on ABC’s “This Week”.

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She was discussing Democrats working with the White House when she dropped her bombshell rhetoric (a.k.a. we still blame Bush).

This woman is the best example of how out of touch Democratic lawmakers are with voters (or time, the world, the list goes on).

And Democratic voters have taken notice. Many are not happy. And they have a candidate of their own to put up against her.

Pelosi’s attitude has incited Sanders supporters to recruit progressive candidates to challenge establishment Democrats in their primary elections. Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, employment attorney Stephen Jaffe, recently launched his campaign.

“Two words: Bernie Sanders,” Jaffe said in an interview with the Observer when asked why he was running for Congress. “My goal is to try to pull the Democratic Party away from the establishment, corporations, big money, big oil, big pharma, and return it to the people.”

Jaffe co-founded the South Beach District 6 Democratic Club in San Francisco, which he currently serves as president, and has a strong record of fighting for grassroots efforts in the congressional district Pelosi represents. Recently, he’s been pushing to remove dark money from politics in the San Francisco area.


Jaffe said Pelosi is “really out of touch with the voters in San Francisco” and that it’s time for someone new.

Now, we don’t like either of these candidates, but a Republican winning Pelosi’s seat is almost impossible. So we will settle for her getting kicked out by her own party.

Say Bush’s name one too many times, people will take notice. And they’ll do something about it.

Do you think her days in office are numbered?


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