NANNY CAM CRIMINAL: Invader Caught Brutally Beating Mother In Front Of Child Got What Was Coming To Him

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.40.51 AMDo you remember this a**hole? Back in 2013 he was caught on a mother’s nanny cam brutally beating her, in her own home, in front of her child. Now, the day has come where justice has its final say.

A career criminal said nothing and held a folder of papers in front of his face to block photographers as he was sentenced to life in prison for a brutal home invasion beating caught on nanny cam.

On Wednesday, State Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler sentenced Shawn Custis after listening to the victim describe how the attack left her with physical and psychological scars.

The woman, who testified against Custis during the trial, gasped and sobbed in the gallery after the judge announced the sentence and referred to the 45-year-old man as ‘vicious, depraved and evil.’

The 2013 attack lasted several minutes and started while the woman was sitting with her daughter watching television, with her infant son sleeping upstairs.

The woman was punched and kicked repeatedly and thrown down a flight of stairs. The children weren’t physically injured.

Approaching the bench to describe how the crime has affected her, the woman said she suffered a fractured bone in her back and facial injuries and remains so traumatized that she has been unable to return to work and has had to move her family.

‘I carry a personal alarm even when I am in the comfort of my own home,’ said the woman, who prosecutors asked not be identified.

‘I am in my own prison. I haven’t opened a window in my house in two years.’


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