NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart Runs Over 20-Year-Old Competitor and Kills Him

article-2721034-206738BA00000578-647_634x413Editor’s Note: Tony Stewart struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr during a race. Ward was walking out on the track mid-race.

A 20-year-old race car driver has died after being struck by NASCAR champion Tony Stewart.

Authorities are investigating the crash which took place during the Empire Super Sprints at the Canandaigua dirt track in New York. All races there have now been suspended.

Witnesses have reported that veteran NASCAR driver Stewart hit young racer Kevin Ward Jr who was walking on the track after they collided on a prior lap.

A video purporting to be of the incident was posted on YouTube early Sunday and appeared to show the altercation.

A driver, believed to be Ward, is seen exiting his crashed vehicle and gesticulating at the other racers as they pass him. The racer then steps into the oncoming traffic before he is suddenly struck and thrown into the air.

In the next scene emergency workers are seen rushing to his aid.

The track canceled the remainder of the Empire Super Sprints slate within five minutes while the Ontario County Sheriff’s Department says its officers are at the track investigating but do not see it as a criminal matter.

Sheriff Philip Povero said Stewart, 42, was ‘fully cooperative’ and had been questioned and released.

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