NASCAR RACES: Daytona Will Allow Confederate Flag This Weekend

102800679-nascar-confederate-flag.530x298They said they want to feature the American flag and will be offering a “flag exchange”.

Daytona International Speedway released a statement on Tuesday that they will not ban the Confederate flag and are offering a flag exchange for fans attending this weekend’s NASCAR races.

The president of Daytona International Speedway, Joie Chitwood, said Tuesday:

“I think the goal of any NASCAR event, and specifically Daytona, we want to be inclusive to everyone. The last thing you want is for anyone to come to a sporting event and really not enjoy that experience because of symbols that really represent things that we’re not proud of.

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For us, we’re celebrating the American Flag this weekend. It’s our nation’s birthday. We’re going to have a flag exchange opportunity. So fans who would like to fly the American Flag, we’ll trade with you on whatever flag you have. We want you to celebrate that flag this weekend.

Going forward, (we) really have to look at where that other flag goes because it doesn’t have a place in our sport. We’ve got to take a thoughtful process on how we get to that point.”

At this point, with the late nature of where we are, we cannot ban anything, we cannot change our policy. Needless to say, there is a lot of discussion of how we get there and what we can do in the future so we make sure that we celebrate all that is right in this country.”

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