NASTY: Joe Biden ‘FEELS UP’ Hillary in Public–Does This Make You Want to Puke? [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.44.42 AMJoe Biden must not be getting any from his wife because he is looking extra handsy with Hillary… and ain’t nobody want none of Hillary, let’s be honest here.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden shared an awkward hug this morning as they greeted each other at the Scranton airport.

‘Hello my dear,’ she said as he walked off his plane. They locked in a friendly embrace, Clinton laughing for a moment, before she tried to wriggle free.

Not picking up on her cues – repeated pats on the arm – Biden continued to hold her by the waist. The VP finally let Clinton go and they walked to his limo, entering from opposite sides.

The two were campaigning together today in Biden’s childhood hometown.

Clinton lavished praised on her former colleague in the U.S. Senate as she opened their joint rally, telling the vice president that he is beloved there and everywhere in America.

She nearly slipped off the stage Monday afternoon as she moved away from the podium at the conclusion of her speech, but Biden was beside her and he grabbed her arm, breaking her fall.

The VP said as he took the microphone, ‘It’s good to be home.’

Scranton ‘is made up of so many people with grit and courage,’ he said. ‘I mean this sincerely, from the bottom of my heart – with grit, courage, determination, who never, never, ever give up.’

Residents of the Pennsylvania city ‘deserve someone who not only understands them; they deserve someone who is with them,’ Biden told the crowd. ‘And they deserve someone who’s made of the same stuff. That’s Hillary Clinton.

‘That’s who she is. It’s good to be home with so many friends.’

The 69-year-old politician later took Clinton with him to his childhood house on North Washington street in Scranton.

‘This is where I grew up,’ Biden told her. ‘At the top of Fisk Street.’

She asked him if he ever went sledding down it, and he replied, ‘A lot of times.’

They toured the inside of the house, where Biden told her more stories from his youth, and then came back outside for more photos together.

Biden kissed her forehead and they went their separate ways, him to Washington where he was leaving from on Monday evening for foreign travel, her to a fundraiser in Connecticut.

Scranton has special significant for both Democrats – Clinton’s father Hugh Rodham also grew up in the Pennsylvania town.

The former first lady often makes reference to the summers she spent in Scranton visiting her grandfather, who worked in a lace mill here, and she told supporters today that was also christened at a church in town.

A crowd of people gave them both a warm welcome today as they arrived at Riverfront Sports in Scranton for an afternoon rally.

Speaking first, Clinton said of Biden, ‘no matter how far he travels he never forgets where he’s from’ and said ‘wherever he goes he’s always the same guy – a fighter for towns who need a champion like Scranton.’


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