The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources has done research on the effects of trophy hunting to wildlife populations and the economy… and it’s all thumbs up for them. See why.

A few days from now, the European Parliament is voting to consider allowing further imports of trophy hunted animals. The vote to ban such imports will likely not attain a majority this time around, but nevertheless the IUCN published a document to inform Members of European Parliament about the positive benefits of trophy hunting for wildlife conservation.

Hats off to the IUCN, this document is a masterful example of encouragement of their views coupled with a discreditable handling of facts and statistics (see below). While there are some references to the negative impacts of trophy hunting, these are in short order glossed over with sentiments like “while there might have been some errors made, the overall benefit  to conservation is positive”.  

We should all recognize that the IUCN is supported by our taxpayer funds, and that they have been entrusted by the United Nations and many governments to seek best ways forward to properly conserve global wildlife resources. Publishing a highly biased report like this is not compliant with the IUCN mandate that requires a certain “balance” to be struck to properly evaluate ways forward to guide wildlife conservation?


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