NAVY SEAL KILLED BY ISIS: Did Something INCREDIBLE for His Girlfriend Before He Passed

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That was a good man right there. See what he did for his fiancé. It will make your heart bleed.

Charles Keating IV, the U.S. Navy SEAL killed during an ISIS gunfight on Tuesday, secretly eloped with fiancée Brooke Clark before he left home, the Navy tells PEOPLE.

“He got married before he deployed,” Lt. Beth Teach, a Navy spokeswoman, confirms.

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Although the couple planned an official wedding in November, and sent invitations to friends and family, Keating – the grandson of notorious financier Charles Keating Jr. – took steps to make sure he was married before going into harm’s way, friends tell PEOPLE.

“He wanted to protect her in case anything happened to him,” says a fellow SEAL.

“It was a well-guarded secret,” says friend Robert Whitley, who met the couple through the San Diego wine community, where Brooke is a well-known wine judge’s concierge.

Says the SEAL friend: “This is a comfort no one wants to rely on. But he did right by Brooke. God bless him.”



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