Navy Yard Shooting: Gun Free Zones Claim 12 More Victims to Their Death Toll

navy yardAs I’ve written about before in my Ban Gun Free Zones article, the whole concept of declaring a zone gun free is ridiculous. While Liberals will automatically blame the Tea Party, NRA, supporters of the second amendment, weak gun control laws, and other political scapegoats after a tragedy involving firearms, first we should blame the shooter himself. No one forced Aaron Alexis to kill, it was a choice he made. The media is claiming he was a Buddhist, if this is true he has done a terrible job of showing utmost respect for the value of all life.

However, another person should also be held responsible for the murder of our honorable soldiers when it happens on our military bases. Let us not forget how with a stroke of his pen Bill Clinton declared large parts of our military bases to be gun free zones. Counting only the tragedies of Fort Hood and the recent event at the Washington Navy Yard, Mr. Clinton’s hands are stained by the blood of 24 lives taken, assisted by his legislation.

Had that legislation never been signed into effect we could have likely avoided yet another massacre of our military with the common knowledge that any attempt to have a shooting spree on our military bases would be met with many armed and well trained soldiers, and if someone foolishly proceeded their scheme would not be as successful as it is when we force residents of an entire base to live as unarmed targets.

How can we ask our service men to risk their lives using weapons to protect our country but not trust them with the same weapons to protect their own lives?

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How many more must die before we come to our senses and ban gun free zones?


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