Navy Yard Shootings: An early Assessment from a Former USMC

navy yardby guest contributor A. J. Yolofsky — The ongoing active shooter situation at the Navy Yard has us all flustered. How is it possible that a team of armed thugs could waltz into our Navy’s headquarters and begin executing Americans so easily? What motivated these criminals?

Without invoking the Nidal Hasan narrative, it could simply be workplace related violence. Also, could be a domestic issue overblown. However, if there is a hostile team in place, then this is something much, much bigger. Team action suggests some ideology is in play. Early reporting told us that one shooter is black. If true, then white supremacists can probably be ruled out.

Also, it’s reported that part of the shooting occurred from the 4th floor overlook into the cafeteria. This is an attempt to maximize the number of kills. During the breakfast hours and a place of low security awareness, the shooter had his choice of targets.

Early theory: Well planned and executed attack against a military target inside of the nation’s capital. Bold statement. Underestimating or trivializing the motives of the attackers will be to our detriment. This is a major security breach inside of DC. The planning necessary to carry out this attack likely took several months, especially to learn the routines of the police, site security, and working personnel.

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Overall, the administration will need to quickly make a statement that provides Americans with an honest assessment of what happened. Unfortunately, we will likely not know the truth for some time. Nevertheless, this attack was not the spontaneous work of terrorists. Much more is at stake.


A. J. Yolofsky is an attorney, former USMC, and security consultant.


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