NBC Gun “Expert” Caught LYING — Was This An Intentional Move To Push Gun Control?

After the Virginia shooting that targeted Republican lawmakers, NBC brought on a firearms “expert” to talk about the incident.

They asked her to explain the firearms that were possibly used in the attack.

In her explanation, Evy Pompouras, who is supposedly former Secret Service, described how a semi-automatic pistol works. Then how a semi-automatic rifle works (which is what she said the shooter used).

Only she didn’t describe the gun. She described an automatic firearm:

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If you are an expert in firearms, then you will surly know the difference between the two. You can’t mistake how a semi-automatic rifle works – especially after you just described a semi-automatic pistol.

Because, guess what so-called-expert, they work the same way! The trigger must be pulled each time in order for the gun to be fired.

End of story.

In a video, it’s obvious the firearm being used is a semi-automatic based on the sounds of the gunfire.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t take an “expert” to hear that and deduce what kind of gun it is; this is like Firearms 101 stuff.

Pompouras was called out for it on Twitter. She gave a sorry excuse for an apology:


If you’re an expert, though, that shouldn’t happen!

Clearly, she either isn’t a firearms expert or, the other option is she intentionally lied.

NBC hasn’t done anything to clarify her error either.

The lying theory is becoming more believable…

And no one was buying her apology, either:


So what do you think? Do you agree with the rest of Twitter? It’s looking like a very plausible explanation.


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