NEIN! Merkel Runs for a 4th Term–End the Globalism Now

Please! Get her out of there! What are the chances that they will? The media over there is in the government’s hand. Do you think the people of Germany will be informed enough, or will we see Merkel again?

DPA, a German news agency Angela Merkel has announced she will be running for a fourth term as Germany’s chancellor.

The mainstream media zombies are incorrectly touting Merkel as a “stabilizing force” when the fact is she has been an epic failure for the people of Germany.

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Angela Merkel’s party has already suffered two humiliating defeats in regional elections in her hometown and Berlin. The German people now have a historic opportunity to end the Merkel nightmare once and for all.

The Duran Reported

Many liberal newspapers throughout Europe, Britain and America are hailing Angela Merkel as ‘the last liberal standing’ e.g., the last globalist, establishment, elitist not to fall under the weight of the political revolutions sweeping the western world and beyond, whether from the socialist left as happened in Bulgaria and Moldova or the traditional conservative right as is implicit in Brexit, Trump and a possible Le Pen victory in France.

Merkel is skating on thin political ice, but she may go down with a fight before members of her own party get totally fed up for fear of losing seats to a surging AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). But until then, she may yet do the devious bidding of the ghosts of Obama and Clinton, until she too ultimately falls to comparatively anti-liberal forces.

Put bluntly, Obama may ask Merkel to do as much as she can to sabotage a Trump presidency in terms of making the EU a thorn in the side of America. EU leaders are readying themselves to do just that. And after Obama recently praised Germany as America’s closest ally, highlighting Merkel’s commitment to a united Europe, a veiled swipe at Brexit Britain, this makes a sabotage attempt look ever more likely.


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