NETANYAHU: I Am Honored by the Responsibility the Nation of Israel has Placed on My Shoulders

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The man is a class act.

After a landslide victory in the elections, the Prime Minister thanks the people of Israel: Netanyahu arrived at the Western Wall today, accompanied by his wife Sarah and his son Yair, and prayed for success – and thanks the many voters who elected him for a fourth term in office.

“In the holiest place for the Jewish people, I am deeply moved by the historical significance of this place, 4,000 years old, which renews its life in its historic homeland,” said Netanyahu. “I am honored by the responsibility the nation of Israel has placed on my shoulders”.

“I really appreciate the decision of the Israeli people to vote for me and my party against all odds, and against great powers. I wish to say that I will do everything I can to ensure the welfare and security of all citizens of Israel, and with God’s help, we shall succeed,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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