NEUTRALITY AIN’T AN OPTION: When it Comes to the Second Amendment You Have to Make a Stand

(Photo/Emily Stanchfield via Flickr)I came across a video and article the other day at concerning the group Evolve, some sort of gun safety organization.

I say it like that because I have a feeling they are simply a front for a gun control platform.  According to their own FAQ section,  they are happy to work with known anti gun entities in order to promote their agenda.

Their agenda though, is the common tripe that gun controllers always like to espouse, “safety, children, blah blah blah”.  Yes, safety is important and no one wants to see children as the victims of gun violence but does Evolve’s so called “neutrality” do anything different than gun controllers?

Just take a look at the aforementioned FAQ from Evolve’s website:


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Evolve does not address legislative issues, but instead focuses on exerting social pressures in order to persuade individuals to voluntarily adopt the most responsible gun safety behaviors in the context of their lives and communities.

Basically, from what it sounds like, Evolve wants to pressure gun owners to voluntarily give up their weapons…for the community’s benefit.

And if you look at Evovle’s “code”, while some things are good, like talking to your kids about firearms, others hint of nefarious control.  For instance, “I will keep all my guns unloaded, locked and properly stored when not in use.”

To me, that just seems like it would be awfully hard to get to if you ever find yourself in need.  A real gun owner wouldn’t abide by such ironclad statements.  By all means properly store your guns when not in use, but this nanny state overreaction to what you should do with your guns when not currently is use smacks of gun controlism.  In the harshest climes for gun rights forcing your weapon to be all but disassembled while in your house is a common stipulation.

Also, the first part of the code bothers me, “I believe that owning a gun is NOT just a right.  It’s a responsibility.”

Now, one should be a responsible gun owner, but the notion of semantically dissecting and lessening the right of gun ownership just seems a slippery slope that should be avoided.  Quite frankly, for more than a century our right to keep and bear arms has been eroded and chipped away, anyone whose belief is for gun rights should avoid helping such erosion.

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