Nevada Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction Because Woman Is A Democrat

The Nevada Supreme Court has overturned a man’s first-degree murder conviction, ruling that a woman was wrongly bumped from the jury pool because she is a Democrat.

A three-judge panel said in a ruling Thursday that the woman’s dismissal amounted to “discriminatory jury selection” and warranted reversal of the guilty verdict against Jermaine Brass.

Justice Mark Gibbons said the prosecution’s reason for seeking dismissal of the woman, who is black, was that she was a registered Democrat and had “Democratic” views on law enforcement, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

Brass, of Las Vegas, was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He and his brother, Ronnie, were convicted in the killing of their brother-in-law, Ernest Mitchell, who was shot 10 times outside his home in 2009.

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Mitchell had accused the brothers of…




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