Never Go Full Retard: Anti-Gun “Fudd” Goes Full-Retard

By David West

GJWHG Guest Contributor

Despite my recent article about hoplophobes and liberal California transplants, I don’t actually think that those people are the biggest threats that our gun rights face. Such hysterical people are easily written off, and even many who sit on the fence on the issue of gun rights will disregard what they say as illogical emotionalism.

No, the most insidious threat to our gun rights is someone who I’m sure we’ve all met. Many of us are related to him. Some of us might even BE him. Who is this guy, you ask? He, my friends, is the dreaded FUDD, and the above video—taken at a city council meeting in Ashland, OR—is a perfect example of what a Fudd is.

The Fudd supports your right to own guns… Well, as long all you want to own is manually operated long guns with wooden stocks… And if all you want to do with your guns is hunt deer and shoot clays… And so long as you’re willing to submit to gun registries, licenses, universal background checks, fingerprints for ammo purchases, warrantless police searches, and a litany of other civil rights abuses that usurp your God-given and second amendment-protected liberties.

Do you want to own an AR-15, carry a handgun, or train in defensive shooting? Forget about it! In the Fudd’s eyes, the 2nd amendment was put in place to protect your right to hunt. “Scary black rifles” and handguns are only good for killing people, so naturally only the government should have them. Because that’s not at all terrifying…

The reason that Fudds—named for the ineffective hunter of Bugs Bunny—are so dangerous is because they chip away at our ranks. Approximately 25% of Americans (and 40% of American households) own one or more firearms. You’d think that with such high numbers of gun owners, there’s no way the politicians could ever get a gun control bill passed. The problem is, our numbers aren’t actually that high, because far too many gun owners are Fudds. They think that the second amendment is all about hunting, and that certain forms of gun control—usually bans on semi-automatics and handguns—are just “common sense” gun control. Fudd thought is prevalent that the NRA used to be a largely Fudd organization, which is why it was responsible for pushing so many gun control acts throughout the 20th century. Furthermore, Fudds give second amendment fence-sitters the idea that their views have credibility. After all, how can someone who owns guns be ANTI-gun? “Of COURSE gun registration is reasonable… Even gun owners support it!” they say.

The second amendment is quite clear, though, that, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It has NOTHING to do with hunting or being in a government-sanctioned militia and EVERYTHING to do with individual liberty. Thankfully, the Supreme Court has actually backed of this position several times in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that the risk of Fudds has been entirely mitigated. They’re still the single biggest threat to our right to bear arms. So if you know any Fudds, do your best to set them straight. Try to teach them that semi-automatic rifles are just as suited (and perhaps even BETTER suited) for hunting and sporting purposes as their old Winchester 30-30 is. Try to show them that handguns aren’t dangerous. Try to teach them that the second amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. Try to persuade them that self-defense is a God-given right.

And for goodness’ sake… Don’t be a fudd yourself. Even if you don’t like modern, semi-automatic firearms geared more towards self defense than hunting, that doesn’t mean you have to force that view onto everyone else.

DavidWestDavid Kirk West is an aspiring filmmaker, libertarian gun-rights activist who hails from the rugged mountains of Southern Oregon. Or as he likes to call it, “The State of Jefferson.” He is a writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and an “every day, no days off,” gun carrier who hopes to someday take his anti-government, pro-liberty films to Hollywood.


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