‘It Never Happened’: Michigan Teen who Went Missing for 16 Hours was Lying about Mysterious ‘Man With a Gun’

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.26.09 AMEditor’s Note: It is girls like this one who make it harder for women to prove rape cases, abductions, violent beatings, etc. Don’t cry wolf, ladies, if there ain’t no wolf around. 

Michigan authorities are closing the investigation into 18-year-old Hayley Turner’s claim she was abducted along a road and held hostage for 16 hours, saying it never happened.

The Monroe County sheriff’s department says a detective and an FBI agent re-interviewed the woman Sunday and ‘determined that the incident did not take place.’

The department says it’s forwarding a report to the county prosecutor’s office for review.

The department says the woman earlier reported being abducted after stopping her car when she saw someone lying along a road Thursday night. The site is in Bedford Township, just north of Ohio.

Ecorse police Cpl. Chris Trevino tells the Detroit Free Press that a driver saw the woman jump from the vehicle in the Detroit suburb Friday afternoon before it sped away.

Earlier this week, southeastern Michigan was relieved when Hayley Turner was found after a 17-hour air and ground search on Thursday.

She was 40 miles from home when she was seen jumping out of a moving vehicle in Ecorse after making a chilling call in which she claimed a man with a gun was approaching her.

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