NEW ANTI SECOND AMENDMENT TACTIC: Present Gun Rights as a Public Safety Issue

gun mapOver the last 20+ years a vast majority of states have passed pro Second Amendment legislation.

Now the enemies of our freedom, have begun to shift tactics.

Changing the Gun Control Debate to a Public Health Issue

In a recent opinion piece published by the The Washington Post, Danny Franklin stated that “framing the danger of guns as a public health risk will change the debate over gun control.”

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Franklin — a partner at Benenson Strategy Group, a strategic consulting firm, and a member of its team advising the White House on public opinion and communications — offers three points that would show what a public health approach would look like:

His first strategy would be to “focus on persuading people of the inherent risks of guns by highlighting the more than 600 fatal gun accidents that occur each year.” He points out Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety video featuring a young(sic) who finds her parents gun. He writes, “this is representative of the day-to-day tragedies we should be focused on stopping.” He of course does not mention that taking proper safety precautions by ensuring your gun is locked away out of the reach of kids would eliminate risks.

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