New Details: Thirteen Children Living in ‘House of Horrors’ Were Only Allowed to Shower Twice a Year, Among Other Cruel Treatment

Details behind how David and Louise Turpin cruelly treated their thirteen children in the ‘house of horrors’ are slowly leaking out, and they are extremely shocking.

According to a new report the Turpin’s kids, ranging from the ages of 2-29, were only allowed to shower twice a year and were fed one rationed meal a day.

Authorities were made aware of the children’s condition after their 17yr-old sister escaped the house, climbing through a window, and called 911. Upon arrival at the home, police found the kids chained to furniture and sitting in their own feces.

Both parents were immediately arrested when the cops showed up at their home and will face their first court appearance today.

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Doctors looking into the Turpin children’s condition fear they will go into shock because they have been so malnourished.

Via the Daily Mail: Authorities in Perris have told Today that the children were scarcely fed and were dirty, living in a urine-soaked bedroom before they were found. 

Several neighbors in both California and Texas, where the family lived until 2010, have come forward to say they found the Disney-obsessed couple ‘odd’. 

But child protection services in Perris said on Thursday they were never once alerted to the home nor did they receive complaints about the Turpins. 

The senior public information specialist for the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services told the Desert Sun no one called them. ‘Not one person called us. How sad,’ Mary Parks said.

One neighbor, known as Mike, told The New York Post he would see the parents ‘marching the children in circles’ very often, usually around 12-3am, on the second floor of their house.

Mike continued to say they acted like a ‘cult’ and Mrs. Turpin referred to the kids as ‘clones’ who would speak robotically and usually all at the same time.

On Saturday, hours before they were arrested, the couple reportedly ‘said goodbye’ to friends and said they had to ‘leave town’.

They did not give any indication of where they planned to go or why they were leaving, according to one friend who spoke to Mirror Online.  

Police and relatives of the Turpins remain at a loss over why they treated the children so poorly.  

Brenda Taylor, Louise Turpin’s aunt, told CNN on Thursday how she believed the facade the couple portrayed on social media where they posted happy photographs of the family on vacations to Disney Land and at the couple’s vow renewal ceremony. 

‘With the pictures they put on Facebook, you thought they were one big happy family,’ she said.

According to Taylor, Louise married David when she was just 16.

When David’s parents last visited them in California from his native West Virginia, all seemed well. 

‘They were just like any ordinary family. And they had such good relationships. I’m not just saying this stuff. These kids, we were amazed. They were ‘sweetie’ this and ‘sweetie’ that to each other,’ Betty Turpin, 81, said.

Betty described her son and his wife as ‘model Christians’. 

‘”It’s hard to believe all of this. Over the years, the Lord knows what happened,’ she added.

Her husband James described the children as ‘well adjusted’ and said they showed  no signs of abuse. ‘The all looked to me well-adjusted. They weren’t skinny or nothing. They were joyous to see us,’ he said. 



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