What say you, is this going to cost him NH?

By Alexander Burns

Mr. Trump’s opponents have tried to make him pay a price for denying New Hampshire voters the intimacy they are believed to crave. And Mr. Trump has given them plenty of material: On Friday, he canceled his campaign schedule in New Hampshire because a snowstorm grounded his private jet in New York City, where he had returned to sleep the previous night.

There has been no sharper Trump critic here than Joseph W. McQuaid, the publisher of The Union Leader newspaper. A conservative polemicist who has backed Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey for president, Mr. McQuaid has battered Mr. Trump for what he has described as a superficial and condescending campaign.

But the deeper anxiety in New Hampshire that Mr. McQuaid has channeled concerns the possibility that voters here might reward Mr. Trump’s tactics, or echo the results of Iowa’s caucuses too exactly. Under those circumstances, New Hampshire’s claim to a special role in the presidential process might fray badly.

A front-page editorial in Friday’s newspaper lamented the rush in the national news media to anoint Senator Marco Rubio of Florida as the mainstream Republican to beat. “Young Rubio must think New Hampshire a bunch of rubes,” Mr. McQuaid wrote.

Topping his column was a note, instructing readers, “See also ‘Trump the Loser’ on today’s editorial page, A6.”

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