NEW ISIS VIDEO: Features Young Boy, ‘We are Going to Go Kill the Kafir Over There’

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.30.00 AMScary what these terrorist thugs are doing to young kids’ minds.

An English-speaking boy and an extremist have appeared in a new Islamic State propaganda video that shows the murder of five hostages it claims worked for the British intelligence services.

The 11-minute footage, which was released by the Isis media wing, includes a “message for David Cameron”, read by a masked man with a British-sounding accent who threatens attacks in the UK.

Standing behind five kneeling hostages in orange jumpsuits, the unknown extremist repeatedly points a gun at the camera while claiming to be preparing an invasion of Isis fighters in Europe. The video then appears to show the murder of the hostages.

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The clip, which has not been independently authenticated, concludes with footage of a young child in military fatigues, who warns in English: “We are going to go kill the kafir [non-believers] over there.”

In what appeared to be a conscious emulation of Isis videos featuring the British extremist known as Jihadi John, the footage shows the suspected killer wearing a balaclava-style mask and directly addressing the prime minister.

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