NEW JIHADI JOHN: Suspected to be British Citizen Who Skipped Bail in 2014

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.22.54 AMSerious lapse in security is an understatement.

The masked executioner in the latest ISIS propaganda video is believed to be a British man who fled London in 2014 after skipping bail, NBC News has learned.

Two U.S. officials tell NBC that the British-born Siddhartha Dhar is suspected of being the man in the video, which purports to show him killing five people accused of being spies.

Dhar, a father of four, fled Britain in 2014 while out on bail after being arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism. He is believed to have traveled to Syria.

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British Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham has called the case a “serious lapse in security.” Dhar had been ordered to turn in his passport, but instead he used it to depart the country on a bus to Paris, en route to Syria.

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