New Moderate Iran is Executing More People Than Ever: Hundreds Killed for Crimes as “Waging War Against Allah”

rouhani_080413-thumb-500xauto-4022The Iranians know that they can do anything — anything — and Obama will not call them to account or stop making concessions to them. “Iran’s charm offensive belies mounting body count from executions at home,” from, December 9 (thanks to Kenneth):

The new, moderate face Iran is showing the world belies a sinister spike in executions in the country, with hundreds killed for such crimes as “waging war against God,” according to a human rights group.At least 529 people have been put to death in Iran this year, including more than 300 since President Hassan Rouhani assumed office in August, according to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. Other groups estimate the number killed in Iran at more than 600 this year.

The stepped-up pace of public executions comes even as Rouhani basks in a deal with the West to drop sanctions against the Islamic Republic following his well-publicized “charm offensive.”

“Under the shadow of negotiations, however, Iran’s appalling human rights situation has…

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