NEW PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIDEO: Reveals HOW They Hide Sales of Baby Parts

You’ve got to be a certain kind of evil if you’re looking for ways to sell and hide the sales of baby parts. Just watch…

We live in a world where people get more upset over someone calling out Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts…than we do for Planned Parenthood selling baby parts.

Thankfully, a little thing like a trumped up indictment isn’t scaring away these filmmakers from exposing the truth. They’re still coming. And they’re coming in hot…

“Planned Parenthood’s self-interested political maneuvers will never silence free speech or the citizen press,” Daleiden said in a statement. “The new video released today shows that no amount of half-baked barratry can conceal Planned Parenthood’s barbaric harvesting and profiting off baby body parts.”

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In the new video released by the pro-life group, Melissa Farrell, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s director of research, said that “we get requests a lot for fetal tissue.”

“We had two levels of invoicing for them,” Farrell said. “We had it worded as ‘per consent,’ because the consent process was the administrative part that we had to do. Then we had an overall ‘administrative fee’ for basically working it into um, the clinics themselves. And at the time, ‘per consent’ was 25 dollars.”

In a separate clip, when asked by the filmmakers about “renumeration,” Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast CEO Melaney Linton said that Farrell will “work on all of that with you.”

I’ve got to say, on a personal note, this is incredibly inspiring. Here you have someone who might face jail-time on a trumped up indictment. One that was created to protect the government and destroy the life of a citizen who dares to stand up against it. What does said person fighting the government do? Start fighting harder.

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