NEW PROPOSAL: Dems Want Special License for Buying Handguns Only, Even if You’re Selling to Family or Friends

smoking gunThey claim because handguns are responsible for most crime deaths, they need to be registered with the police. What they don’t tell you is that about 2 million citizens use such firearms in self-defense every year.

House and Senate Democrats have opened a campaign to get states to require a license issued by police, complete with fingerprints and photos, before buying a handgun, even from a friend or family member.

The Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act of 2015, introduced Thursday, would also provide a taxpayer-funded federal grant to implement the program, which proponents say will help to cut down on gun violence and deaths.

“States require licenses to drive a car or even to fish in local rivers, so requiring a license to buy a deadly handgun is a commonsense step that could save countless lives. This legislation will help states develop responsible handgun licensing programs,” said sponsor Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who is running for an open Senate seat in Maryland.

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While the legislation is not a federal licensing program, it would still be a national project funded by a Justice Department grant that would require purchasers to provide police with photographs, fingerprints, and submit to a background check. The legislation did not indicate a price tag.

It would cover all handgun purchases, in gun stores, at gun shows and among private sellers, including friends and family.

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