NEW YEAR, MORE TERROR: Gunman ‘Shooting in Every Direction’ on a Night of Celebration

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.32.43 AMWhat the gunman did before just shows you how evil they can be.

A shooter has opened fire in downtown Tel Aviv, killing two Israelis and wounding others, hospital officials said.

“Hospital officials say two Israelis died of their wounds, 2 are in serious condition and one is in light to moderate condition. The shooting took place at what is being described as a bar or restaurant in central Tel Aviv on a busy weekend afternoon. Israeli media are broadcasting footage of shattered windows and a pool of blood on the pavement. Police say the circumstances of the shooting are unclear – whether or not it is connected to the recent attacks by Palestinians on Israelis.

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Witness Nati Shakked, owner of a bar that was hit by gunfire, told Reuters that “the assailant had waited on a bench outside before taking a machine-gun out of a bag and ‘shooting in every direction.'”

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