New York Gun Law Challenged in Court

gun lawNew York lawmakers passed the country’s most stringent gun control law when the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) act passed on January 15. It was a bold move by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who waived a mandatory aging period for the bill so it could go directly to the state assembly for a vote. However, gun rights groups won’t let the law stand without a fight.

According to USA Today, the New York Rifle and Pistol Association filed a claim this Tuesday against the state, saying that the SAFE act violates fundamental constitutional rights. Among the plaintiffs are the Westchester County Firearm Owner’s Association and, a well known gun owners’ forum based out of Farmington.

New York law enforcement officials have also spoken out against the law for feasibility reasons. Some police officials say they are not keen on harassing law-abiding citizens who just happen to own firearms. When notified of the claim, Governor Cuomo stated that he expected legal responses to the SAFE act and that he is confident it will stand on its own. Cuomo thanked lawmakers for their decision in a letter sent Monday that read, “your vote for passage of the…



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