New York: MS-13 Announces Head Hunt on Police in Wanna-Be Sanctuary State, ‘Take Out a Cop’

New York police are on the high alert after street gang MS-13, most members being illegal immigrants, announced to its members to ‘take out a cop.’ Authorities were made aware of the directive by an informant within the gang.

The NYPD memo stated the department will commence a hunt for the man who put out the hit order. Officers were made aware of the issue in Hempstead, which is a town in Long Island, NY.

According to the memo the MS-13 gang leader in question is a tall, light-skinned Hispanic, who is thin and has three dots tattooed next to his eye.

A ‘credible informant’ made authorities aware of the situation, claiming he was informed by the gang member they wanted to kill an officer in the Hempstead area; a location the violent Salvadorian gang has terrorized for a while.

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The attack will be part of the gang’s effort to ‘make a statement’ to the authorities.

The suspect said, according to the memo: ‘The police have been making too many arrests and it’s time to take the streets back and take out a cop like we do in El Salvador.’ The informant stated any member of MS-13 is allowed to go on the attack.

Via the Daily Mail: The street gang was started by veterans of El Salvador’s civil war who had moved to California in the 1980s. 

It now has around 20,000 members active in 46 states and has been designated as the first international criminal group. 

A New York police source said they were already wary of the gang, especially in areas with a high presence of members.

Another police source said the warning should be heeded by officers throughout the country, since as the gang is so widespread.

‘You have a license plate that says FOP [Fraternal Order of Police]. You might wear a T-shirt that says what precinct you work in,’ the source said. ‘A cop’s a cop. They don’t know who you work for. FOP is for everybody.’

The notorious Central American street gang is famed for its heavily tattooed members and torturing its victims. As well as shootings, MS-13 is known to kill its victims with baseball bats and machetes. Police and federal investigators believe they have a presence in 46 states as well as Mexico, Canada and Spain.


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