New York Road Sign has BRUTAL Message for Hillary, LOVE It!

We don’t encourage you do anything illegal, but when someone does happens, occasionally it can be funny.

And this is one of those times!

A Long Island, New York road sign went a little crooked thanks to some protesters.

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Can you just hear President Trump when you look at the sign? During the presidential campaign, “Crooked Hillary” was Trump’s second campaign slogan.

But Trump didn’t end with the name when he won. He recently brought it up again when talking about her obstruction of justice.

And just last month he used it again when discussing Hillary Clinton’s refusal to accept responsibility for her election defeat.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding the sign. Most people liked it.

A Department of Transportation spokesman said that the sign had been fixed once they were notified.

“As soon as we were notified about the graffiti yesterday morning, it was removed. Defacing public signs is illegal.”

So, yes what happened was illegal…but it was sure funny, too!


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