NEWS FLASH OBAMA: You’re Backing the Wrong Side in Syria

Petraeus And Crocker Testify Before Senate On State Of Iraq WarAt this very moment, Obama and his marionette Kerry are doing all they can to force the Congress to authorize him to attack Syria, which by the way has not attacked or even threatened us.

The rationale for this action is rather obscure, but appears to be based upon face-saving due to a previous rash and ill-considered statement made by our Community Organizer In Chief that the use of chemical weapons was a “red line” that the Syrian government was not to cross.

The reality of what has been going on behind the scenes is also obscure. Like Benghazi, nobody seems to be sure what was going on, why it was going on, or who was doing it. All we ever seem to get is the body bags and some government “leader” saying, “What difference does it make?”

For some reason which I will leave you to decide for yourselves, the Obama administration is constantly transferring weapons and money to any group of “rebels” that wants to topple one of the governments in the Middle East that have kept a lid on the violent jihadists in that region. The main organization that is behind this destabilization, which is operative all over the world, including in this country, is the Muslim Brotherhood.

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The Muslim Brotherhood had its chance in Egypt, with our help, of course. Egypt was far from perfect, but its government worked with both the United States and Israel for years, and its strong army discouraged less friendly neighboring countries from promoting jihad in that region. That was not good enough for Obama however, and he and his Washington leftist brain trust decided it was time for a “regime change”. Parenthetically, I wonder how these wunderkinder would react if Putin decided it was time for a regime change in America?

But I digress. Morsi and his MB compatriots took over in Egypt by “democratic” means, an election, promising all sorts of reforms. What ensued, however, was the imposition of sharia law, loss of even more freedoms, economic disaster, and persecution of Christians. The only thing that may save that country now is the army, which deposed Morsi and is trying to form a stable government that rules by law rather than the whim of some imam.

One would think that, since this took place because the people wanted Morsi and his buddies out, which in a European country might have been accomplished by a parliamentary vote of “no confidence” (we unfortunately have no such mechanism here), Obama and his pro-democracy crowd would be pleased. But no, he is doing everything he can to restore the MB to power.

In Syria, a country in which Christians were arguable the safest of any country in the Middle East, it is now also time for a “regime change”, according to Obama and Company. To that end, he has been doing everything he can to aid the “rebels”, who just coincidentally happen to be, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Assad, however, is not a wimp, and is not about to simply retire to the Bahamas and let this happen. This annoys King B. Hussein Obama, because when Assad does not acquiesce to his demands, he cannot simply circumvent him by executive order.

So, we have the “gas” incident. It would appear that someone has used some gas in Syria, but not only is this certainly not unprecedented, but it is not at all clear which side used it, or from where it came. Obama and Company want you to believe that it was Assad, and that this makes him and his regime “monsters”, and that it therefore gives us the moral authority to effect the regime change that he has wanted all along, so he can install his MB buddies.

If he acts quickly enough, he can do this before we find out who was really responsible for the gas incident, or before people have time to weigh the loss of what may be some hundreds of people in this attack (a figure Kerry has no doubt inflated like the enemy body counts in Vietnam) against the thousands that have been killed and the many more tens of thousands that will be killed as a result of our intervention, even if it doesn’t start WW III.

The real problem is that Obama and his administration either do not understand the dynamics of dealing with Muslims, in which case they are totally incompetent and unfit to govern, or they are deliberately backing people who are not in our best interests, in which case they are traitors and unfit to govern. You can decide on the motivation for yourselves.


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