NEWT GINGRICH: Hillary’s Campaign is a ‘Giant Criminal Enterprise’–Do You Agree?

Gingrich just tears into Hillary and the media. And they deserve every last bit of it. Check it.

Hillary Clinton and her family are operating one ‘giant criminal enterprise,’ former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said Monday.

And the ‘elite media, which really shouldn’t be considered news media,’ are servicing the Clinton political machine, he argued.

‘They are methodical propagandists for the left,’ Gingrich told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, ‘smothering negative information about Hillary and maximizing negative information about Trump in a way that is a huge disservice to the United States of America and to the people of the United States.’

Hannity had run down a list of embarrassing factoids revealed by the hack into John Podesta’s emails, including what he called ‘dirty tricks’ against Barack Obama in 2008 to cast him as a Muslim and a ‘pay-to-play scheme’ in Haiti for Clinton Foundation donors.

‘In its totality, what are we to make of all of this?’ Hannity asked Gingrich, a surrogate for Donald Trump who was nearly the billionaire’s running mate.

Gingrich replied, ‘This is a giant criminal enterprise disguised as a foundation and disguised as a campaign.’

Pivoting to a report published by The Center for Public Integrity, Gingrich noted that journalists were found to have given $382,000 to Clinton this election and $14,000 to Trump.

‘So that means among the news media, the ratio was 24 to 1 in favor of Hillary Clinton,’ he extrapolated. ‘Now, of course, they wouldn’t suggest that they’re biased.’


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