‘NO BORDERS’ ACTIVISTS: Brussels Bombings a ‘Good Thing’, Encourage MORE Violence from Migrants

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.49.27 AMWho else but terrorists claim terrorism is a good thing? ‘No Borders’ you should be arrested for encouraging terrorism if you’re going to talk like that.

Activists on the No Borders / Calais Migrant Solidarity Facebook page have been discussing how Tuesday’s bombing in Brussels was a “good thing,” as the chaos it caused will have enabled illegal immigrants to cross into the UK. One activist urged others to exploit the situation, saying: “Tell your friends in the jungle.”

Their prediction has proved correct as, hours after the Home Office announced extra security measures at Channel cross-border crossings, a lorry-load of illegal immigrants was discovered in Kent.

The discussion was prompted by Chiara Lauvergnac, a self-described “freelance troublemaker”, who wrote: “Eurostar to Brussels suspended, Lille airport is taking some of the planes due to land in Brussel[s] airport. It could mean some chaos and good chance some people will go to UK! Sorry there is a good side to everything,” and posted the comment to the Calais Migrant Solidarity Facebook page.

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Good Side

Gemma Rourke questioned “Sorry a good side to people being killed this morning?” to which fellow activist ‘Rojo Red’ replied: “Whether it’s a “good side” to people being killed is really irrelevant to me.”

He added: “Brussels Eurostar traffic suspended, thus a real possibility of increased traffic at Calais Eurostar. Tell your friends in the Jungle!”

Lauvergnac has also used her personal Facebook page to link to two articles suggesting that yesterday’s Islamic terrorist atrocity was a “false flag” operation fabricated by Western leaders, designed to increase support among the public for higher governmental security measures. Another post is of an image which reads: “My heart truly bleeds for what happened in Belgium… But Palestinians have faced attacks for almost 70 years from Israeli terrorists and the world is still silent.”


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