NO COMMENT: Women in the World’s Tina Brown Won’t Comment on Clinton Foundation Accepting Money from Nations That Don’t Support Women’s Rights

121018_tina_brown_reu_605She still says Hillary is a good choice for president even though Clinton’s foundation has gone against everything her organization stands for. This woman is messed up!

Women in the World’s Tina Brown punted when asked for her opinion on allegations Bill and Hillary Clinton personally benefited by exploiting Clinton’s position in the State Department to solicit donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Brown, an outspoken Clinton supporter, offered no substantial defense of Clinton’s actions other than attempting to split Hillary Clinton from the Foundation’s actions. The former editor of Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, and the Daily Beast struggled to formulate a coherent retort to accusations of Clinton’s corruption.

“The Foundation is the Foundation and–you know, they are going to have to sort whatever it is they do out,” Brown said. “I mean, this woman is running for president now. We’ll see how she handles all of this.”

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The Clinton Foundation remains a major foil for Clinton and her allies’ presidential ambitions. Brown’s decision not to side with Clinton on the issue may stem from the Foundation’s acceptance of money from foreign nations with severe policies against women’s rights, undermining Clinton’s position as a women’s advocate.

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