Recess Just Got Boring: No Gunplay At School

gunplayMost school district officials really don’t like making the news. Especially when it’s for something controversial, like for kicking kids out for pictures of guns or biting pop tarts into the shape of a gun. So they’ve gotten a little smarter. They are now just quietly punishing the kids so they’ll start to associate guns with being in trouble.

Recently, my nine-year-old grandson was in trouble at school for pretend gunplay. He wasn’t suspended or expelled. Nothing like that. He got a detention. Seems like no big deal, really. Although my daughter felt like she was supposed to act grateful that’s all that happened. I looked up the website for the school and downloaded the parent handbook. Nowhere in it was there any statement that said a child could not engage in pretend gunplay.

While talking about it, my other daughter commented that her seven-year-old son had also been in trouble last year at a different school for pretend gun play. He didn’t get suspended or expelled or even detention. He got shamed. He had to stay in at recess with his head down – like he had done something shameful.

Early childhood professionals say that parents are their child’s first teacher. However, what they really mean is that parents aren’t really capable of teaching anything appropriate, they really only teach their kids everything wrong and it’s up to the liberal schools to make sure they undo whatever those rotten parents have managed to screw up.

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Think my theory is wrong? Look at a paper called Social Studies for Early Childhood and Elementary School Children: Preparing for the 21st Century, a report from the NCSS Task Force on Early Childhood/Elementary Social Studies. Here are some quotes:

  • Unless children acquire the foundations of knowledge, attitudes, and skills in social studies in the important elementary years, it is unlikely that teachers in the junior and senior high schools will be successful in preparing effective citizens for the 21st century.
  • The early years are ideal for children to begin to understand democratic norms and values (justice, equality, etc.)
  • …if the early learning does not occur, the optimum teaching time for some concepts may pass, making it much more difficult for students to entertain new ideas or to think critically about old ones.

Now don’t get me wrong. I place a very high value on education. I truly believe that early learning is important and that it is very important for parents to understand that their kids are learning from the very day they are born. And I truly believe that parents are their child’s first teacher and that they continue to teach their kids, mostly by example, throughout their lives.

However, I think this all sounds like brainwashing under the guise of teaching kids “social responsibility.” Sorry, folks, having gone to The Evergreen State College, “social responsibility” means “liberal beliefs,” trust me. So you see, parents are too influential on their kids, they teach their kids their own political beliefs and values so the schools must be able to intervene and punish the kids into practicing the liberal beliefs of the ruling elite system. They have to get to them quickly because they seem to have their parent’s beliefs entrenched by the time schools start addressing social studies in later years. It seems to be all about teaching kids that their parent’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs are wrong.

However, by doing so, the schools are disrespecting our culture and our values while at the same time punishing our boys for doing what comes natural. All in an attempt to control their thoughts and their futures. If a Muslim boy was doing something like, say, treating a girl badly because many in their culture don’t value women, the school would in no way expel, suspend, place in detention or certainly not make him sit with his head down in shame. He probably wouldn’t even get talked to for fear of being accused of being culturally insensitive. We must start demanding the same cultural respect.

The easy way to deal with it is to tell the boys to just not play that way at school. Go along to get along. But they are not doing anything wrong! It is simply not right for kids to be punished when they have not violated a single school policy.

So what do we do about this rather than just complain about it? It’s time to take it to our legislators. We all need to contact them and begin work on making laws that make it illegal for schools to punish our kids for our cultural beliefs and for simply pretending to play. We don’t have to accept this. It’s time to take our rights back within the public school system. Make those calls, start demanding respect for OUR children.


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