NO MORE ROOM: Germany Stretches its Seems with Refugees, Now They Want Help

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.22.25 AMOver run the system? Was that the ‘refugees’ plan from the beginning?

Germany has warned that the country was stretched to capacity to accommodate refugees streaming in through Hungary and Austria with southern city of Munich struggling to cope with the new arrivals.

More than 13,000 asylum seekers arrived in Munich on Saturday, adding up to about 450,000 others who have already made it to the country this year.

“Given the numbers from yesterday, it is very clear that we have reached the upper limit of our capacity,” said a Munich police spokesman.

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Alexander Dobrindt, Germany’s federal transport minister, said “effective measures” were necessary to stop the influx.

“That includes help for countries from where refugees are fleeing and also includes an effective control of our own borders which also no longer works given the EU’s complete failure to protect its external borders,” Dobrindt said in a statement.

The International Organization for Migration said on Friday that more than 430,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe this year, with more than 2,700 dying en route or going missing.

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