No Ranting for You: Rolling Stones Removes Bloomberg’s Anti-NRA Article

BLOOMBERGEditor’s Note: It’s good to see that there are politicians of integrity ready to step up and oppose nut-jobs like Michael Bloomberg. This dude is not reasonable by any stretch of the word.

Rolling Stone has removed an article about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that has drawn criticism from Colorado Republicans.

In the article, titled “Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Afraid of the NRA,” the former mayor says some of the state’s districts are so “rural” that they may not have roads.

“In Colorado, we got a [gun control] law passed,” Bloomberg tells Rolling Stone. “The NRA went after two or three state senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get.”

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Colorado Republicans immediately seized on the remarks and criticized Bloomberg for being “out of touch.”

“Pueblo is a proud city composed of proud people from all different walks of life, and, while it might be hard for a New York billionaire to comprehend, we do, in fact, have roads and running water,” State Sen. George Rivera, who represents Colorado’s 3rd District, said in a statement. “I promise the people of Pueblo I will never sit idly by as outsiders insult our outstanding community.”

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