NO WAY IN HELL: Sanders Supporters are REFUSING Hillary–Tell Her to go…

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 10.12.18 AMAfter Bernie came out in support of Hillary, it was hoped his supporters would follow his lead. That isn’t exactly the case. They don’t trust the Hilldebeest. Check it out.

Hillary Clinton’s poor trustworthiness numbers stemming from her email scandal are “eye-popping,” a CNN panel said Sunday, and one reporter said many Bernie Sanders backers will not get behind her candidacy as a result.

The Department of Justice elected not to file charges against Clinton for mishandling classified information through her illicit private server at the State Department. However, the FBI still said she had been “extremely careless” with classified material and officially refuted her oft-repeated talking point that she never sent or received such information on her server. Comey added if Clinton had been an FBI employee and engaged in such behavior, it was possible she would be fired.

Clinton was “in a weaker position than a month ago,” CNN host John King noted, as Donald Trump has pulled effectively even with Clinton in the polls. King also quoted a CBS News / New York Times poll showing 67 percent of registered voters do not find her honest and trustworthy.

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“That’s an eye-popping number,” King said. “It’s also worse than it was a month ago.”

King said the effect of Comey’s condemnation of her practices had struck a chord with her supporters.


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