No, We Are Not All Trayvon

all trayvonA mural is on display in Florida. It shows a man, supposedly looking like George Zimmerman shooting someone supposedly looking like Trayvon Martin. The artist named it, “We are all Trayvon Martin.”

I have news for her. We are NOT all Trayvon Martin. I have NEVER turned around and started beating on someone because I thought they were gay and therefore must want to rape me. If I had, or anyone else had, you can bet we would have been charged with a hate crime. If Trayvon Martin had lived, would he have been charged with the hate crime? 

But it’s interesting how Trayvon’s friend, Rachel said that his concern was that Zimmerman was gay, and yet the media doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that it was TRAYVON who was committing the hate crime. If a gay person was attacked simply because someone thought they were gay, and they shot the attacker, there would be a parade for him and calls from the president congratulating him. But since Zimmerman wasn’t actually gay, apparently it doesn’t matter that he was the one profiled and attacked.

I am so sick and tired of this whole story. The media had to manipulate it in order to make it about race, because that’s what sells nowadays. Race-baiters keep promoting it because that’s what sells for them as well. Now they’re all excited because the race-baiters and gun-haters think they have a common cause to rally behind and attack legal gun owners. Do they really have nothing else productive to do?

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Remember how there used to be something called “Custer’s Last Stand” and now it’s called “The Battle of Little Bighorn”? Why is that? It’s because Custer’s wife went out after his death and lobbied and politicized and spread propaganda and re-wrote history to be the way she wanted it to be. And it worked for years. And it made a lot of people hate Indians for years. Finally, instead of just feeling guilty about a family member’s emotions, the whole truth was revealed. But it took a very long time and caused a lot of people a lot of pain. The exact same thing is happening here.

The whole race-baiting propaganda machine is using emotion to re-write the story. They want to make it the way they wished it had been and the participants to be who they wanted them to be. The truth no longer matters. The truth doesn’t sell news stories or put money in the pockets of race-baiters. But emotion sure does! As I always say, follow the money and you’ll see where the true story leads and who stands to benefit from the story that’s being pushed.

The artist of the mural and her fellow race-baiters can call it social-injustice-awareness all they want, but it is simply pure hate propaganda. They need to understand that they are all going to be the ones with blood on their hands when the racial tensions just keep getting worse. By doing things like creating and displaying this mural and using emotions to manipulate people, they are actually cheerleading tensions and violence, NOT helping to heal the divide.

No government entity should ever be a part of supporting race-baiters in any way. The people of Florida should stand up and demand the mural be removed and that their government stay out of this controversy.


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